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Your Insurance Education

Lower Your Premiums and Better Your Coverage by Learning More About Insurance.

When you visit an insurance broker they ask you the hard questions. Then a realisation dawns upon you that you didn't know half as much about insurance as you thought you did. When these hard questions are asked can you, in all seriousness, say that insurance is not important?

With important topics like professional indemnity insurance, travel insurance and more can you afford to not know enough?

SEIA - Supportive Educational Insurance Articles is here to demystify as much of the insurance industry as we can.

There is a lot of conjecture about certain parts of the industry, whether they be car insurance, travel insurance or health insurance. Everyone wants to know if there is a magic bullet to get cheap insurance quotes and exactly how much coverage they need.

As you browse this site you'll discover lots of useful tips on how to get the best deals when buying insurance and what is important, what coverage you will most likely need and what additional extras you can pack into your insurance policies.

Please remember that all the articles here are only the opinion of the writers here at SEIA and do not represent any kind of legal advice. Please make sure you check with a registered insurance broker before making any decisions regarding the insurance industry.

If you have any questions on the insurance industry that are not answered here please send them to us and we'll try our hardest to get the answers up in an article for you right here at SEIA.

Here's a breakdown of the sections of SEIA

Insurance Types Explained

This has in-depth information about many of the types of insurance available today. They are grouped together by category so you can easily find them. Each category contains multiple types of insurance. If you were, for example, searching for boat insurance or car insurance you would look under the vehicles insurance section.

Each type of insurance has the following information:

  • Who needs it?
  • What does a typical policy cover?
  • What does a typical policy not cover?
  • What additional policies may be appropriate in this area?
  • What additional coverage is available for this policy?
  • What will this policy typically cost (very approximate)?

SEIA Recommendations

This includes information on the companies that SEIA knows and recommends for specific types of insurance. This has been our most popular section to date. This includes key companies that we recommend for insurance quotes in product types like professional indemnity insurance, travel insurance, life insurance and more.

Recent SEIA Articles

This has a selection of some of the recent articles which have been written here at SEIA. You can see all the articles which we've written by following the 'Read All SEIA Articles' link.

Recent Guest Articles

We have a selection of guest insurance articles here at SEIA. You can see some of the recent articles here or view all the guest articles by following the 'Read All Guest Articles' link. If you'd like to submit an article for consideration to be used on the website please contact us here.

Insurance Companies

This contains a detailed directory of specific types of insurance companies for a particular country broken up by state and city. If you'd like to add, remove or edit a company listing in a directory please submit the details here.

This section also contains other useful insurance websites.




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Useful Insurance Sites